Business Information Systems Association

business information systems (n.): the ways in which information, knowledge, databases and enterprise information systems can be used strategically for business process improvement and innovation


The Business Information Systems Association of Sydney Uni (BISA) aims to promote a sense of identity and cohesion among BIS students on campus. Our purpose is to establish and strengthen connections between the Society, the Discipline and the BIS industry, to increase the employability of our members and to cultivate a greater understanding of the BIS discipline in general. These goals will be achieved against the backdrop of an open and friendly environment that is consistent with the culture of the Sydney Uni campus. 

BISA for Students - a support network for students, links to industry & mentors, and job opportunities.

BISA for Professionals - a link to academia and modern thought, opportunities to network with likeminded individuals and develop career skills.

BISA for Business - Students and professionals associated with BISA have an understanding of business that is unique. Associate with innovation...associate with BISA.


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