What is Business Information Systems?

Business Information Systems (BIS) is about placing structure around complex problems. It is about optimising the interactions between people, processes and technology to make businesses better equipped to face the cost and innovation challenges of tomorrow. We learn how to visualise concepts in process maps, analyse information through new-age tools and understand how to make people receptive to transformation change.

Why should I study BIS?

BIS is more than just simply understanding technology. It is NOT about coding or programming. It is actually about how people and business can leverage the sheer power of technology to innovate, improve and reap the competitive advantages. BIS is one of the most practical business majors as it teaches you not just “what”, but “how” to think strategically.

What is BISA?

BISA is a student society that is more than just business and technology. We are a family of forward-thinking students studying BIS, STEM and Business. With a broad network of corporate partners and academic faculty support, we work together to stimulate thought, innovative experiences, and provide incredible opportunities for our members.

Why should I join BISA?

- Gain access to exclusive events for BISA members that help build your career, develop your skills and change the way you see the world

- Be notified of the countless opportunities available to BIS/STEM students

- Be supported by a community of like-minded peers.


BISA endeavours to strengthen its role in enhancing a sense of community amongst business students at the University of Sydney. We achieve this by hosting social events that allow students to engage in conversation with other students in the business school.


BISA functions as a supportive bridge between students and employers, fostering relationships of mutual benefit to both parties. By creating valuable synergies with the industry, BISA is helping students forge a career as well as providing a link for professionals to tap into emerging talent.


BISA recognises that our sponsors have a keen interest in enhancing their brand awareness on the University of Sydney campus. Ensuring that students are exposed to successful members of the BIS industry opens them up to corporate experiences they wouldn't normally get.


BISA prides itself in being a society that is both innovative and creative. This year, we are striving to reinvent the definition of what a society is, and we believe that our members will help us achieve this. Join us on our journey to be one of the coolest societies on campus.